Medium Skateez Skate Trainer - Grey (Wholesale)
Medium Skateez Skate Trainer - Grey (Wholesale)

Medium Skateez Skate Trainer - Grey (Wholesale)

Only $21.99

$34.99 MSRP

Limit of 120 units.
Contact us for orders over 120 units


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to attach
  • Durable nylon with Velcro strap
  • Sold in pairs (one package fits one pair of skates) 
  • Recommended for skaters 8+ years old (up to 180 lb) also available for skaters 3-8 years or (up to 80 lb)
  • Grey color


    Like training wheels for skates, Skateez allows beginner skaters to get on the ice and experience the freedom and enjoyment of ice skating. Attachment to skate is easy and provides enough support and balance to give them confidence to learn.

    Skateez Skate Trainers are designed to provide support for beginning skaters like training wheels work on a bicycle. The Skateez ‘wings’ are rigid enough to hold the skate vertical but also flexible enough to allow the skater to edge the blade to propel themselves forward.

    It provides a platform for learning the basics of real skating motion. Skateez has been designed to fit a multitude of skate styles and sizes but may not work with certain blade types. No tools are needed but minor adjustments may be required when installing.


    For information on how to install Skateez Skate Trainer, download our Instruction guide.

    Download Instruction Guide